Our Mission


Our Children/Our Schools (OC/OS) was founded six years ago as an education advocacy network made up of education, children’s rights and civil rights advocates and organizations throughout New Jersey. OC/OS has worked hard to convince NJ policymakers, the press and the public about the importance of adequate and equitable school funding; quality programs; teacher, parent and community input in schools; and other policies crucial to student success.

OC/OS has spearheaded or helped organize a number of campaigns in public education. The network has pressed for full formula funding since the 2008 passage of a unified school funding formula, known as the School Funding Reform Act or SFRA.


OC/OS also supports:

    • pending legislation designed to bring equity, accountability and other long overdue reform to NJ’s charter school program
    • high quality preschool for all at-risk 3- and 4-year-olds
    • a voucher-free New Jersey
    • multiple pathways to high school graduation
    • equitable assessment policies that reduce reliance on high stakes standardized testing
    • a transparent, swift and sustainable restart of the schools construction program under the auspices of the Schools Development Authority
    • adequate resources for special education
    • a return to local control for the three state-takeover school districts


OC/OS works to keep organizations informed about legislative and regulatory initiatives, education litigation, data and research, and other important information impacting public education in NJ.

Join Us!

OC/OS meets monthly for updates on important issues and to plan strategies and actions. OC/OS members and friends:

        • generate legislative testimony, press releases and e-mail newsblasts on critical education issues
        • meet with legislators and other policymakers, the press, professional associations and other organizations
        • work in coalition with the Better Choices for NJ budget campaign
        • work across geographical and socio-economic lines to create broad campaigns in support of an adequate and equitable education for all children in all school districts

For more information and to become part of the OC/OS network, click here.