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In the Classroom
In the Classroom

Coming together to support public education.

Advancing Education Equity For All Students

Our Children/Our Schools (OC/OS) is a statewide network of education, children's rights and civil rights advocates and organizations throughout New Jersey. The purpose of OC/OS is to advocate on behalf of public school children.

Join Us!

OC/OS meets monthly for updates on broad education issues, specific policy concerns, litigation efforts, and advocacy campaigns to inform, seek support, and jointly settle on strategy and action. OC/OS members and friends:

  • generate legislative testimony, press releases, e-newsblasts, and blog posts on critical education issues;

  • meet with legislators and other policymakers, the press, and other NJ organizations;

  • work across geographical and socio-economic lines to create broad campaigns that support a "thorough and efficient" education for all children in all school districts.


For more information and to become part of the OC/OS network, click here.

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